[TermiSoc Announcements] Tutorial Voting Results

Nick Charlton hello at nickcharlton.net
Mon Feb 6 20:36:32 GMT 2012

Evening All,

Last week I sent around an email about possible future tutorials. Now I'm back from Belgium, we figured it'd been long enough to share the results.

Because of the way I did it (seemingly checkboxes like that kind of suck), it's simpler to provide a more condensed version. So, these are ones you were interested in:

1. Perl
2. PHP
4. iOS/Android/etc.
5. Version Control
6. Writing Good Code/Writing Bad Code
7. Software Design/Theory
8. Building Simple Database Driven Websites
9. Maths for Game Development
10. Procedural Content Generation
11. Modding Minecraft
12. 3D Modelling for Games
13. Building Stuff with the Arduino
14. Making 3D Models for Printing
15. Building Secure Websites
16. Exploit Development
17. Encryption

And from suggestions: R, the statistics language (because it'd be good for you to actually understand stats (if not for your post-employment ego, anyway.))

To calculate these, I've taken half of the maybe responses and added them to the "Oh, yeah!". I figured if enough people we sort of interested, it wouldn't be a waste of time. I have only done this on the ones which weren't tilted in a specific direction, though.

So. If you're interested in giving a talk, reply to this email and state what you're interested in. We'll then work it all out. We'd especially be interested in those who *haven't* given a talk before, because that's always good.


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